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PIMMS Event Bar Hire Services

We provide a range of bar hire services for many products, one of our favourites though has to be the PIMMS & Prosecco bars that we provide for various events, including horse trials, flower shows, horse racing events, cricket games and many other sporting and private events. 

Our bars are well branded and we only provide the freshest fruit to accompany our hand poured PIMMS and Lemonade! 


Hexagonal Branded Pimm's Bar

The Pimms bar is superb for large volume events, a 360 degree bar that has poured more than 5000 glasses of Pimms at a show before. A crisp, clean white bar with Pimms branding on the roof sections and on the main bar walling. 


6m Marquee with Branded wooden frame set up

This 6m square marquee is clad at the front with a very impressive fascia that promotes Pimms and Prosecco. Inside the marquee we tend to use a vintage looking bar unit that is made up of very old wooden doors, a real talking point and ideal for that vintage look. 


Bespoke Branding Available 

Our bars are pretty flexible and most of them can be branded with your individual show,festival or event details if required. 

High quality units that look great and have the ability to sell high volumes. 

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